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Last updated: January 5, 2016

Hooks & Crookes


Joe Phelan


Joe Phelan – writes his own songs and performs some of them publicly accompanied by himself on the squeeze box (button accordion, if you prefer). If you hear the odd profanity when Joe is playing, it means he has forgotten his words. Joe does a haunting version of Raglan Road and his own song, the Bilberry Goat, is always in demand in Waterford. Joe Singing Raglan Road in Bill the Butchers pub, Dunmore East, 23 June 2013




Pat hennesy



Pat Hennessy – the real singer among us. You know when he is singing that this is what he was meant to do and he always sings in his own inimitable way. (That's a complement by the way). The gentleman of the group unlike the other rowdies around him (you'd know that by looking at him).






Tim Sherman


Tim Sherman – the elder lemon among us, the fittest, the leanest but definitely not the meanest (now who would that be, hmmmmm…). Apart from shanties, he knows one other song (so he tells us) but when the bit of paper appears, you'll know he too has forgotten his words. A former brewer so if you see him looking into a pint for too long, he is just measuring the yeast content.




Olly Lupton

Olly Lupton – the most recent member of the Group and our only balloonist member (but there is a lot more to Olly than just hot air!). Marlene Dietrich is his party piece - well one of them, anyway - and when Joe joins in on the box, you'll know a good night is in store.





Declan McGrath



Declan McGrath – the youngest among us (maybe he's the meanest?) and if when you are listening to us you hear scooping, he's the man responsible (though he adamantly denies it). Affectionately known as the The First Mate, he is also our webmaster. Will roar out the Auld Triangle, if asked, even drag it out (another lovely song murdered!). Dec singing Peggy Gordon Bill the Butchers pub, Dunmore East, 23 June 2013




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