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Our latest and greatest, just released (late 2017)

The Boys of Killybegs, One More Pull, John Kanaka, Farewell to Nova Scotia, The Lighthouse Song, Seahorse, Shine on me, Time Ashore, Pint of Plain, Challo Brown, Pere Charles, Connemara Cradle Song, Lusitania, Leave Her Johnny, Báidín Fheidhlimí



The First Voyage

Haul Away Joe, Fiddler’s Green, Blow the Man Down, Mexico, All for me Grog, Hardi Les Gars, The Lowlands Low, Blood red Roses, The Water is Wide, A life on the Ocean Wave, South Australia, Shenandoah, Rio Grande, Out on the Mira, Banks of Newfoundland, Drunken Sailor, Healt to the Company, Farewell Shanty

Voyage 1

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The Second Voyage

The Bulgine Run, Cape Cod Shanty, The Mermaid, Port Láirge, The Connemara Cradle Song, Roll The Woodpile Down, John Cherokee, The Voyage, John Kanaka, The Queen of Connemara, Leave her Johnny, The Farewell Shanty


The Third Voyage

A Drop of Nelson’s Blood, One More Pull Boy, Wexford Harbour, Billy O’Shea (Dublin City), New York Girls,  Rolling Down to Old Maui, The Great Western,  Trasna na dTonnta,  Challo Browne, Essequibo River, Santiano,  The Shoals of Herring, Óro ‘sé do Bheatha ‘Bhaile

Voyage 3


The Fourth Voyage

Heave a Pawl, Portally Boatmen, Mrs McGrath, The Boys of Killybegs,  Bully in the Alley, Bheir Mé Ó, The Boatman, Tomorrow, The Western Shore, Sammy’s Gone Away, Mingulay Boat Song

Voyage 4

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2010 Seafaring Festival of Music and Song CD

Bheir mé Ó (Hooks and Crookes), Lowlands Low (Warp 4), De Zee (t’Scheepsfolk, Holland), Jack the Lad (Dick Miles, England), Les Fillet de Lorient (Les Souilles de Fond de Cale, Brittany), Her Bright Smile (Baggyrinkle, Wales), Goodbye Fare You Well (Stork Ejlaender Choir, Denmark), The Boatman (Eoghan Dunphy & Dylan Bible), Rollickin Randy Dandy (Hooks and Crookes), Shallow Browne (Falmouth Shout, Cornwall), Kattendrecht (De Kaapstander, Holland), Johnson Girls (Rum & Shrub, England), An Fhéileachán (Albaquirky Turkeys), Rio Grande (Riggerloftets, Norway), Haul Away Joe (Short drag Roger, England), Come by the Hills (Eugene McCabe), Can’t take my eyes off of You (City of Waterford Brass Band), My love is like a red red Rose (Waterford Male Voice Choir).

Festival 2010 CD


Tall Ships CD

Tall Ships CD Poster



Haul on the Bowline, South Australia,

Tall Ships,Time Ashore,

The Mighty Suir, Bheir mé Ó,

The Bilberry Goat, Leave her Johnny,

The Boatbuilder, Whisky Johnny,

Fearaibh na bhFeoibh, Connemara Cradle Song,

We’ll Rant and we’ll Roar,

Yellow Girl , Tomorrow,

Ellan Vannin, The Great Western,

Sugar in the Hold, The Farewell Shanty

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