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Third Voyage

Following prolonged shore leave, we set sail on our 3rd voyage in Oct 2006. In December we again performed at the Male Voice Choirs for the Annual Charity Concert in Waterford.

During the May Bank Holiday weekend we returned to our spiritual home, that is Hook Lighthouse for the Hook Peninsula Arts & Cultural Festival. Purpose-built as a lighthouse, it has served sailors and shipping for 800 years. It is thought to be one of the oldest operational lighthouses in the world although there is a legend that Dubhán, a sixth century Welsh monk who is reputed to have established the first light on Hook Head such was his dismay at discovering the bodies of shipwrecked sailors on the rocks.

In May we celebrated the Captains Three Score and Ten at Ye Olde Dockside Tavern, at Deevys Mooring'

June saw us return to Falmouth for the 4th International Sea Shanty Festival hosted by our friends from the shanty group Falmouth Shout. This ever expanding festival is growing each year and while we met lots of our old friends, we also made some new ones especially our Viking friends from the Danish "Stork Ejlaender Shanty Choir Fanoe".

The highlight of the year was our trip to Festival du Chant de Marin, in Paimpol in Brittany from the 2nd to 7th August. With over one hundred international groups performing on 5 separate stages in the festival, Hooks and Crookes were the only Irish act. Although there was a formal timetable of performances over 3 days, the highlight was the informal singing which occurred in the town hall as all the artists met for grub and grog in addition to the impromptu singing which occurred on the street corners And of course Hooks and Crookes represented their country with gusto late into the night. A flavour of the fun and excitement can be got from the photos on the gallery page.

Voyage 3 came to an end on the last Sunday in August when we performed at the Cheekpoint Community Day in addition to the Blue Grass Festival in Dunmore East.

Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival in June

Festival de Chant de Marin, Paimpol, France


To finish off Voyage 3, we pushed the boat out on Sunday 26th August



We also published our Third Voyage CD

Voyage 3 CD cover


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