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Medieval Museum, 15 December 2012

We were asked to sing a few shanties as part of the Winterval Festival on in Waterford City in the run up to Christmas and we duly obliged. Not a bad evening it was either, though some of the less hardy crew thought it was colder than it actually was. Plenty people about, some passing by, some staying to listen and everyone enjoying what they heard. Lots of children too, which was great (probably their first time hearing shanties!) and all in all there was a great buzz around the City and big crowds around. It should be hectic next week too. Aye

Hooks and Crookes at Treacy's Hotel for a whiskey event, 15 September

There was a Harvest Festival on all week in Waterford and Hooks and Crookes were only too delighted to sing a few shanties down in Treacy's Hotel on the Quay during a Whiskey Event there. Aye

Hooks and Crookes at the Tall Ships Festival in Dublin Friday 24th August

Hooks and Crookes decided that it would be a fitting end to Voyage 7 if we were to particiape in the premier maritime event in Ireland in 2012 and we arranged to sing on the Jeanie Johnston and the Stavros S Niarchos. We drove up from Waterford to Dun Laoghaire on Friday 24th August and having parked the car at the hotel we got the Dart into town. After a bite to eat in O'Neills of Pearse Street we made our way to the deck of the Jeanie Johnston, where we sang gustily to the many visitors who came to see this wonderful ship (see H&C on the Jeanie Johnston). A pint then in a local hostelry (busy it was too, including the the Florence Cup winners) followed by a ramble around the Dublin quayside to savour the atmosphere of the Tall Ships, the crowds and the buzz. We then made our way to the Stavros S Niarchos where we again sang with gusto (too much so!!) to the gathered masses on the quayside. A wonderful location and thanks to Captain Liam Keating, a Waterford man, for inviting us on board and for suggesting where to sing (the aft fo'castle). Leg weary, thirsty and hungry we than made our way to the hotel in Dun Laoghaire for a calming pint followed soon after by a beautiful steak in the National Yacht Club. We chatted for a while but when invited to sing we did so with enthusiasm, blasting out shanties, sea songs and the odd ballad. A wonder ful evening of song and craic and of course a late night. A leisurely breafast followed by a leisurely stroll on Dun Laoghaire and then we departed for Waterford, having declined a request to sing again on at least 2 of the Tall Ships on the Saturday (we did too much singing on Friday!!). Another great event and a successful one too for Hooks and Crookes. Aye
You can see a special Nationonwide program (shown on the Irish national television station) about the Dublin Tall Ships Festival on the RTE Player (just after the ads).
Marcus Connaughton had a special radio programme on the Dublin Tall Ships on Seascapes, which includes a shanty from our good selves in Hooks and Crookes. Click on Tall Ships Podcast and select the Friday 31st August edition.


Fano Shanty Festival, Denmark. 17-19th August 2012.

Update from Sligo

16th June: The word from the Rosses Point Shanty and Seafaring Festival is that the two bases from Hooks & Crookes, who are performing with Riggerloftets, are doing very well (at the singing anyway!). Well at least they did last night, but what they will be like today after keeping everyone up until 3 am, and finishing off the night with Aquavite and tinned tuna, is another matter.. Oh aye.....hard times indeed.

Rosseas Point

Riggerloftets in Dublin, 13th June

14th June: Five of the crew drove to Dublin to meet our good friends from Norway, the shanty group Riggerloftets from Tonsberg. We met them at the Guinnes Hop Store, where we enjoyed the facilities on offer and especially the lovely Guinnes in the Sky Bar. We sang there too, Riggerloftets first with two lovely numbers, followed by ourselves and then Riggerloftets again and the songs really were enjoyed by those present. We also had an impromptu version of Molly Malone from the lovely lady working at the Bar. Lunch then at the Hop Store was followed by a walk through old Dublin to the Molly Malone statue at the end of Grafton Street, where we both joined in a rousing version of Molly Malone to the amusement of the passers-by. We walked through Trinity College to Pearse Street and the Dart to Dun Laoghaire. After some rest and relaxation for an hour or so, we reconvened at the National Maritime Museum where we each sang beautifully in this recently restored and quite lovely church which is blessed with possibly the finest accoustics of any venue we have performed in. It really was a fantastic place to sing in and we wish them well in promoting the maritime history of this island nation.

We then adjourned to the National Yacht Club and many thanks too to the Yacht Club for having us and treating us so well (and to Olly too for arranging this splendid venue). We had what can only be described as a fantastic meal in very convivial surroundings. The food was praised by everyone: it really was a treat and the fare is highly recommended. We moved then to the bar where we sang the night away and had a really great time.

The crew spent the night in Dun Laoghaire and Riggerloftets are heading for Sligo to perform at the Rosses Point Shanty Festival (some of the crew will be there too).

What a fantastic day we had and great to meet with all the Riggerloftets singers.

Tower Hotel, 31st May 2012

The Tramore Male Voice Choir have been on the road for a good number of years now and we were delighted to accept an invitation to sing at their end of year concert held, as usual, in the Tower Hotel, right in the heart of the City and beside the mighty River Suir. Dec started the performance with a lively version of Roll the Woodpile Down (sung too slow according to Timmy...tut tut) followed by Tony and Lady of Autumn (a lovely song we were told afterwards and well sung) and we rounded off our performance with an abbreviated version (tut tut again....) of Joe's very own Tomorrow (an internationally acclaimed song now!).

Tower Hotle

A relaxing pint or two then in good company. And thanks too to Jack Stephenson of the Male Voice Choir for the invitation, the kind words spoken and of course the drink afterwards. We're back!!