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Update No 3, 25th May

The timetable for the river activities on Sat afternoon is as follows:

Saturday at
4.00 Arrival of the Kayaks
4.30 Rowing races on the river
5.30 Wreath laying ceremony for Waterford's sailors lost at sea; at the Monument beside Tower Hotel.
6.00 River rescue display Boat and Helicopter
6.30 Tugboat water canon show and manoeuvres
7.00 Motor boats depart on mini-cruise to new bridge
7.30 Parade of sailboats


Update No 2, 20th May

Performers, at this stage you should have identified from the Festival Programme the times and venues you will be singing. Just to note that the length of each of your two performances in the nighttime venues is a max of 40 minutes in order to give you time to move to the next venue.

For those of you being collected at the various airports, we will be sending you an email in the next few days with detailed instructions..


Update No 1, May 16th

Should the volcano in Iceland cause disruption to air travel there are numerous ferry crossings which will get you to Ireland by Hook or by Crooke, and get you home again. Should this occur we will arrange to pick you up and your departure to ferry ports. Please click the following link to download the full ASH PLAN


Media coverage of the Festival


Some of the following links may now (Nov 2014) be dormant, but the festival was well covered before and after the event.


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